Monday, April 24, 2006

Back in the Saddle

The "Software According to Steve" blog was originally created on a server hosted by my employer. However, as time went on, there were topics I wanted to post that I felt should not be hosted on an employer's real estate. As a result, I moved the "Software According to Steve" blog here.

So why does it have this title? Simply put, when it comes to software development, I tend to think a little differently than many of my cohorts. I've worked with good programmers as well as bad. I've built good programs as well as bad (but that was many many many years ago ;) ). I've seen things done right, and I've seen things done wrong. I believe that by changing our mindset about how we build software, we can change the following axiom:

Features, Time, Cost... Pick two all three.

I chose this title because I have a deep passion for improving the software development process and creating products that are easier and more enjoyable to use. I hope that this blog will reflect this passion, and that in contributing to it, we can all learn something and be better for it.



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